Stylist, Colourist

Year Started in Hair Industry



Aveda Hair Institute




Born and raised in Hamilton, Melissa has always had a true knack for hair. With about 5 years of experience under her belt, Melissa is an Intermediate Stylist who expresses her creativity with ease and has a drive to make every client feel beautiful.

After graduating from the Aveda Hair Institute of Toronto in 2017, she began her apprenticeship in Toronto at Brennen Demelo Studio and l.a.m.b salon. A few years later she decided to return home to Hamilton. Working at Odyssey Hair Salon to get back to her roots.

Melissa is a bright and fun loving person. She's passionate about making people feel the most beautiful versions of themselves. Melissa likes doing a but of everything but she loves doing blondes, balayage, and bridal.

Melissa is a true dork at heart and loves animation, fashion, tattoos, travel, animals, and would love to see your dog/cat photos.